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ETA “deeply regrets the great suffering” it has inflicted

- ETA has published a declaration about the pain caused during its armed struggle - Expresses “apologies” to the victims “that did not directly take part in the conflict” - Wishes to empathize with the people that has suffered

ETAren ikurra, Arbizun —Nafarroa—, 2011ko irudi batean. / . JAGOBA MANTEROLA, FOKU
2018ko apirilaren 20a

For the first time, ETA has published a declaration about “the pain inflicted during the armed struggle”. It admits it has inflicted “great suffering”, and “deeply regrets” it. Moreover, has expressed its “apologies” to the victims and their families “that did not directly take part in the conflict”, and has admitted it made “mistakes”. “We acknowledge that, pushed by the needs of the armed struggle, our activity hurt some citizens that bore no responsabilities”.

ETA has sent two communiquees to Berria, both from April the 8th 2018, exactly one year after they declared that they had disarmed: ETA to the Basque people: about the damage inflicted and About the declaration of inflicted damage, explanatory note.

Both texts could be considered a prelude to a declaration concerning the cessation of ETA’s activity.

“The membership of ETA consider it necessary to show empathy for the pain caused by the Organization’s acts”, says the explanatory note. “We want to show our respect to all the people killed, injured or victimized. We deeply regret it”.

ETA is seeking to promote “reconciliation” and for “the whole truth” to be known, and urges “a democratic answer to a political problem”.

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